About The Grumpy Flumps

We met online in January 2011, did the cliché and fell deeply in love at first sight, got engaged in March 2011 and married in December 2011.  Phew…busy year!

We are both Reiki Master Teachers; both currently doing home-study Diploma courses while we travel so we will eventually have another 9 qualifications each, and so our brains don’t turn to mush.  Hubby used to be in the Armed Forces, but is now a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, with Sports Nutrition; also a Kettlebell, TRX, and Spin instructor – so he is pretty fit! 😉 My main skills come from Hotel and Catering, Retail, and Customer Service (and I once used to work for an International Royal Family).

Oh, and I ran my own Paranormal Investigation club in the UK. We both have ‘skills’ in Dowsing, and Mediumship.  Yeah, we may be looked upon as a little weird if you know all these things…but if you met us we are just pretty normal!

We argue a lot because we are both mirrors of each other – stubborn, pig-headed and bolshy, but we are also spiritual and always have the ability to say sorry and see things from the other perspective (once we calm down lol)  And it helps that we both absolutely adore the other.

In the process of trying to organise our 1st step on the journey, we came up with several plans which got thrown out one after the other due either to costings or other eventual issues, and time ran out before we had anything set – we had given up our jobs with a set date to leave the UK but events conspired against us – we ended up on a campsite in the UK for 6 weeks and wondered why we hadn’t tried that sooner as it would have saved us a fortune in rent and bills.  And we discovered a hidden culture of Brits doing just that! (perhaps a subject for a future post)

We left the UK permanently in August 2013, leaving behind everything familiar (apart from our current luggage) that we hadn’t sold or ditched, or had taken off our hands by friends/family.

We have learnt from this that everything has a value only to us, and nobody else wants to pay for what you treasure and have worked hard for (or pay what it’s worth), so from the proceeds of what we sold, we had a small amount of savings for our travels.  We are living monthly on a pension budget of £400, which translates to roughly US$650.   Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have any kind of job whilst we are travelling (how do people do the online earning or freelance thing anyway??)  so our budget really is that low for the 2 of us.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy ourselves…we lead a simple life and we don’t really drink alcohol – even though travel without alcohol would make others blanche – and we just don’t do most of the usual tourist crap that costs a fortune. (but some of it, you just have to!)

The aim of our journey? – to find a cheaper, higher standard of living in another part of the world (rather than being taxed out of existence by the UK and only working to pay your overheads); somewhere which accepts our spirituality instead of looking down on it.  Somewhere that love isn’t threatened by ruin from those who are jealous of what you have together, or the life you are living.

We strive to be honest in our views and thoughts, and can be blunt if needed.  Many people confuse being ‘spiritual’ with being a push-over and accepting everything that is thrown at you, but the real definition (to us) of spirituality is the ability to overcome all obstacles in the best way possible and to speak your truth.  This may not be the best way to other people, and our truth may not be theirs, but that’s life.

‘The Grumpy Flumps’ title arose because we are both of the age where ‘The Flumps’ was popular on TV at the time of our childhood, and it makes us laugh in it’s weirdness and innocence.   Sometimes we can be just like that…but grumpier. 🙂

This blog is for us to vent our thoughts about our travel, and say things that maybe others don’t say because they want their travel blog to be ‘The Best…Ever!’  We don’t really care about how popular it is, we just want to say what’s on our minds as we view other travellers, places and experiences, whilst we follow our noses around different countries in our search for our new home.

We have no idea where we will end up!

(but what we do know already is that we are fed up carting around all our camping gear when it’s now easier – and less hot – to stay in cheap hotels!)

UPDATE: We started off by breaking ourselves into the travelling lark by spending 6 weeks camping in the UK.  We then went to Kefalonia and did 6 weeks camping there too.  From Athens, where we spent a couple of days, we went to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Thailand again, Laos and back to Thailand once more.  Having got fed up of Asia, we came back to Europe and are currently in Bulgaria.


3 thoughts on “About The Grumpy Flumps

    1. Posie Flump Post author

      Hi Vit, thanks for the lovely comment/follow. We have read about your journey already and follow your blog but under our original guise of reikipixie. You also kindly sent us camping info for Australia but that trip went awry and we ended up on the one we are currently doing instead! We look forward to more beautiful pics on your site! 🙂


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