Putting pictures on each post only allows us to share limited amounts of pictures, depending on what we are posting about, so I have decided to post pictures randomly on here, unattached to a written piece, to show off all the different things we see.

I barely know how to use my new camera, a Fujifilm HS20EXR, and talk of aperture, ISO and special effect editing sends me into panic…so all my pictures are ‘as they come’…no tweaking, no effects, and I have no idea what ISO etc they are taken with, so don’t ask unless you want me to sit whistling for a while until you go away…

If you want to find out the location of any of the pictures in order to visit there yourself, just ask – only because it’s time-consuming to label them all individually on here!

All the pictures are taken by me, and if you want to use any please ask –



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