The long walk of life…the short stroll to obscurity

When your heart, mind and soul finds a semblance of peace then a certain discomfort begins to niggle away within the very core of your being.

At least that is how it was for me once I met my now wife.  Sometimes you just know, and happily we both felt the same way.  We strangely also felt the same way about leaving the UK behind…far behind.

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.  If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.  But no price is too high to pay for owning yourself” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Both tired and disillusioned by pathetic governments, pathetic people, and with only the prospect of less pay and more taxation ahead of us, we decided to sell up, leave, and embrace the joy of obscurity.

Where will we eventually reside?

Well, that depends a little on us and a lot on the countries we like, as most countries simply aren’t as…shall we say ‘welcoming’…as the UK.   We will persevere however, as in our minds at least, returning to the UK is just not an option.  And it truly isn’t a matter of weather…(although in my mind that would be reason enough!)

For me however, it’s far deeper.

I find the lack of manners diabolical in the UK, and indeed the vast majority of European society.  Manners make up a huge part of our evolutionary psychology.  A functioning human society can only exist by etiquette and manners otherwise it loses all cohesion, resulting in rudeness, arguments, strife and ultimately violence.   Humans, as do all other animals especially mammals, need hierarchy.

Mix this with the absurd notion that people seem to fervently believe that they are somehow important (have you noticed all the ‘strutting peacocks’?) – both male and female – that I just find ridiculous and boring.   The equal amounts of ignorance and arrogance that makes up the sad little mind-set of the population, who quite simply don’t possess any other aspects to their character….actually, I am wrong there…they possess pretentiousness also.

Wow…a diabolical Triad of traits, designed to drive any relatively sane (hopefully) person(s) to run off to the other side of the world and find some kind of sanctuary and normality.

I would much rather deal with people whose motivation is primarily one of day to day survival; even the motivation of greed, I can understand.  What I don’t comprehend is the culture of Ego and Self-Glorification, and the UK is consumed by it.

Please get a grip people – we are 6 Billion little germs in the Petri dish called Earth.  Our society peaked over 2000 years ago with the political, spiritual, psychological and behavioural observations and writings of the Ancient Greeks.  Let’s face it, it’s pretty much all been downhill ever since.

On that thought, maybe I am not seeking a new country but a different time, and therefore a very different world…

A world that would sit and ponder ‘I think, therefore I am’ (Rene Descartes) instead of ‘I’m on Facebook, therefore I am…innit!’ (and look at my new profile pic and 3000 ‘friends’ – I AM amazing!)

Oh dear…I suddenly realise that my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find a rift in the time/space continuum (thank you Star Trek!) and bring Kettle Bell Training and Reiki to the Ancient Greeks.  Better physical condition for the war against the Persians, followed by some universal healing energy for those tired muscles from using all those heavy shields, spears and swords all day long.

I won’t tell the Spartans how European society turned out though.  I have a feeling that they probably wouldn’t have fought so hard for Liberty and Freedom if they knew their ancestors would be so rude, self-consumed and stupid…

‘Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that we were on Facebook, too self-absorbed and arrogant, and got trampled on as the Persians walked by’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, and really doesn’t stir the same emotions as ‘Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here – obedient to their Laws, we lie’

Maybe a little bit of hard training and a little bit of pain might wake people up.  A dose of Spartan life is what the UK and European society needs.  Let’s wake everyone up a little and bring down the obesity levels in one fell swoop – sort the weak from the strong, and in doing so, teach everyone Hierarchy, Humility, Compassion, Cohesion, Rules and Manners…

The same big ugly life lessons that soooo many people need to learn and fully understand.  Wonder if there’s any room on the curriculum?!


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