The force of Nature

Having written about beautiful beaches in Greece recently, the storm currently hitting the UK – St Jude, as they have called it – seems a fitting topic for today and it may be a bit of a rant – sorry guys.

I have just read the ‘live blog’ about the storm where they are keeping everyone up to date with the current situation as it happens, and I don’t know why but I am still always astounded at how many people pay no attention at all to the warnings, or even to what they see at the end of their own nose.

Beaches are wonderful places but as with everything, Nature has to be respected because it is a much more powerful force than us Humans!  At the best of times, there are currents, rip tides, dangerous marine life, freak storms, stray fishing nets or lines, hooks, broken glass, buried shopping trolleys, and any other manner of obstacle to our safety.  Care should be taken in the best of conditions, and in the worst it goes without saying.  Or it should!

Hurricane-strength winds to hit Britain in worst storm for 26 years

There is a report of a ‘search and rescue’ undertaken last night for a 14 year old boy who had been swimming with friends in the sea and was swept out and disappeared.  The storm had been forecast well before he undertook to swim, and by the time he was in there late yesterday afternoon, the sea would have been rough already.  Boys will be boys, and they will do something just to prove they can or not to disappoint their mates and appear weak to their peers, but common sense seems to be sadly lacking in all ages these days, not just the young.  I feel for his family greatly for their loss, but one question that everyone needs to be asking themselves is why does everyone ignore the signs that are presented to them and wilfully put themselves in danger?

There are numerous reports about St Jude and the resultant flooding – people are driving vehicles into flood water and getting themselves stranded because they don’t know how deep it is, or whether it is flowing water instead of standing.   Are humans so arrogant that they believe they can beat nature?  Is your destination so important that you will put yourself at great risk by driving into the water, not knowing if you can get to the other side or not – and as a result of your stupidity, other people have to risk their own lives to rescue you.

I have personal experience of having to rescue stranded motorists, as quite a few times in the past (in areas well known for flooding or snow/ice) I had to use my pick-up truck to push or pull people in cars out of floods or off ice, so I am not just talking out of my ass.  Their excuses are always ‘I didn’t know how deep it was’ or ‘I didn’t realise it would be icy’ and their response to my arrival – ‘Thank god you came along when you did or I would be stuck here’.

Really???  Biting my tongue became a pass-time because I just really wanted to tear a strip off them or knock them out with a punch on their stupid idiotic noses.

For those drivers who are putting themselves and their rescuers at risk of losing their lives just because you can’t stay at home instead and have to be somewhere that you believe to be important – GET A GRIP!  You are seriously NOT that important to anyone but yourself.  Work doesn’t give a shit about you – they care about their own monetary losses and productivity – in this day and age, everyone is replaceable by someone who will work for far less money than you did.  You are unimportant in the grand scheme of things.  Get used to it.

If you have to go out for something, ask yourself if it is something life changing if you don’t have it, or if it can wait for a couple of days while the storm passes and life goes back to normal.   Ask yourself if getting stranded in a flood is worth the life of anyone who may have to try and rescue you.  Would you be able to deal with someone dying because you just had to go to the shop for a bottle of wine, or your spoilt brat child had to be picked up from town instead of staying at a friends until the worst is over.

For those kids who believe themselves to be invincible, you are not.  You need to put arrogance and bravado to one side, see the situation for the life-taking risk that it is, and just go home to play on the X-box or update your Facebook page to ‘sat at home in safety – I suggest everyone does the same!’

If you are travelling abroad, stay in a local place of safety or the hotel etc if you don’t have a home to lock-down in.

Updating Facebook with a picture of yourself in front of ‘the biggest wave, ever! :-)’, just before it sweeps you away to your death, really isn’t worth the few seconds of notoriety it gained you with your so-called 1000 friends online.  And that applies to any age, not just the young.

Everyone seems to be so arrogant and self-important that they don’t consider the risks of what they are doing before they do it – the few people who work in the Emergency Services and even the few public heroes who save lives, were not put on the Earth to make up for those who are just stupid.   Emergency Services are there for those who get caught out in a freak situation through no fault of their own, not for those who wilfully put themselves in danger and arrogantly expect someone to be there if their attempt fails.

The human species didn’t evolve to where we are today in order to decline just because we lost common sense and respect, whilst gaining intelligence.  They are very different things and we need all of them to survive, not just one.

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